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About James:

I learned my indie rock in the eighties and nineties, and it shows, and I'm good with that. If you like it, tell your friends about it... Because they sure as shit won't hear about it any other way. Seriously now: hotlink to any song you like here, stick it in your blog or twitter or whatever way you get off socially these days, and send that puppy to everyone you know. Just tell them where you got it.

I picked up bass in '83; I started playing in bands in '87 and started doing my  own stuff around 1990. I'd bang together songs on a four-track, master it to cassette and then run around banging on doors until I found someone awake late enough to audition my latest song. I put together a few collections and gave most of them away: the best of those, "Birthday Girl", I've remastered digitally and is available from Ampeater Music.
Sometimes I've slowed down, but I've never really stopped. I don't think it's snotty to say that I keep getting better. I put new demos up for free here on The James Rocket, then push them over into the archives. Ampeater Music does seem to like my songs, and they have a couple to give for free. My Paper Valentines mp3EP is posted to their catalog as well. You might find my music for cheap elsewhere, and that's fine too, but I'd as soon you helped the Ampeater boys along.
My live band, A Bunch Of Girls, eats bands like yours for breakfast.

If anyone just wants to show me that this PayPal button works, thanks.


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