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Among The Too Cool:

Paul Melançon writes really great songs.

Joel Veitch's Rathergood is Indeed Rather Good.

The AmpEater Review is a nifty place to read about and hear new music free, and buy it.

Dig the Watt From Pedro Show!

She Got Her Mojo Working!

What do we want? Bacon!!! When do we want it? Today!!!

The 'Nac. Bradley's Almanac, Boston live music coolness.

Luke Chueh: So Many Monkeys! So Many Bears!

Neil Young's Living With War Today

The Old Negro Space Program: Who Knew?

These people know their pie.

 These people know their booze. 


 Kristin Hersh's 50 Foot Wave Are Doing Everything Right.

Guy Burwell makes the rock posters I hang on my wall.
Laura Brink paints, mysteriously, in and of Santa Fe.
The Slaughterhouse is a Killer Studio in Western Massachusetts.

Martin Bisi Doesn't Need My Link But He's Getting It Anyhow.

 There is no good reason for New Radiant Storm King not to be stupid famous. But there it is.

Yeti is a really fantastic music compilation 'zine thing. Mike McGonigal makes it. This is a link to his blog.

I totally only read Oglaf for the articles. Honest.

Let me know if you want to share a link. 

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